Long goals, short goals, some as big as your head!

(This posts title is in reference to one of my favorite childhood songs)

It’s Monday AND the first day of March.  If today doesn’t scream time for new goals I don’t know what does.

First, a recap of last week’s goals:

  1. Go to spin class twice this week.
  2. Run around the lagoons once.
  3. Go on a hike. FAILED! (But I really do have an excuse.  The day I was planning on going on a hike we had a terrible tsunami warning in Hawaii and had to evacuate our house for almost the entire day).
  4. Catch up with two friends I haven’t spoken to in awhile.

So now that it’s a new MONTH and a new week, I have decided to write down some short term and long term goals.

Short term goals:

  1. Go to two spin classes this week.
  2. Run around the lagoon once.
  3. Go on a hike.
  4. Make something NEW for dinner.

Long term goals:

  1. Keep a Food Journal For the past couple of weeks I have been tracking my food intake on a little spiral notebook that I can throw in my purse.  However, after reading several reviews on the Fitbook I decided to purchase one to expand some of my tracking options.
  2. Enter a challenge and complete it! I have been reading about several different challenges for the month of March.  Yoga Challenge, Core Fusion Challenge, Push Up Challenge, etc, etc, etc.  I think I will buy the Core Fusion Challenge DVD on Amazon and do that one.  I would be interested in incorporating some yoga into my routine also though.  We’ll see…
  3. Only eat when I’m hungry I really don’t understand why this is so hard for me.  I feel like I’ve been struggling with this all my life.  I eat when I’m bored, I eat when I’m full, I eat just because I need to finish off every meal with something sweet even though I’m already stuffed!  Sometimes I think I eat like it will just dissappear if I don’t eat it then.  I really need to work on this because I think it’s one of the main reasons I’m not at the weight I want to be.
  4. Stop chewing ice Oh my gosh.  I’m embarassed to even have to write this on here.  I seriously have an ice addiction.  Crushed ice, cubed ice, the circle ice with a hole in it.  Gahh, the list goes on and on.  Sometimes my teeth actually hurt when I go to bed because I’ve chewed too much ice.  I really want to break this habit.  Maybe writing it down will help me accomplish it.

I feel like all of my goals, both short and long term are realistic and do-able.  🙂  I’m excited to track my progress along the way.


3 responses to “Long goals, short goals, some as big as your head!

  1. Great goals! Obv I’m all for the core fusion. :). Their yoga dvd comes out in august, so far away! But I think its great if you get some yoga in, I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying yoga now!

  2. Thanks so much, Dori! I actually stumbled upon your blog the other day and have become an AVID fan (which is also how I found out about Core Fusion)!! I’m just starting a blog of my own and am so inspired by you and many others. Thanks for sharing your tips and advice with all of us. 🙂

  3. I really like your goals especially the eating when you are hungry —I feel the exact same way and there are times when i feel like I have the hang of it but then …bagh—I know I’m not quite there. Oh and I used to eat ice like crazy-I had my own set of ice cube trays and everything (it’s a sign of Iron-deficiency anemia btw amongst other things) love the blog by the way 🙂

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