the hi 5: boys

The older I get, the more I learn about love, relationships, what can go wrong and when they can go right.  Today while I was in the shower I started thinking about the top five qualities that I look for in a significant other… This list has evolved as I have grown up, as I have entered and exited failed relationships.  I think I’ve got it right… for now 😉

The Hi 5:  What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.

1.  Caring:  In the past, I have dated some very selfish boys.  Only concerned about themselves, what I can do for them and pushing the boundaries on what they can get away with.  I recently started dating the most caring boy in the world.  The smallest things set him apart from the rest.  Opening my door for me, buying me a new dish sponge when mine is old and gross, making my bed in the morning, taking out my trash while I am at work, folding the clothese I leave strewn about on the floor while I’m getting ready for work.  I have realized that of all characteristics, caring has to be the highest on my list.

2.  Hard Working:  By nature, I’m a hard worker.  I like to be perceived as a hard worker.  It is hard for me to be with someone that is not equally as hard working.  The older I get the more I am reminded that I can not be with someone that is lazy.  I have too many friends that have started families with “lazy” boys, only to wake up one morning and realize their household is a one woman show.

3.  Open Minded:  I am an adventurous girl.  I like to explore new areas, step outside of the box and try new things.  I have realized how important it is for me to be with someone that enjoys trying new things as well.  I lie for an adventure and I want that to be a passion for someone I am with as well.

4.  Intellectual Conversation + Fun:  For obvious reasons, it’s important for me to find someone I can really connect with.  I can get extremely passionate/heated about certain issues and I love to have someone there that can keep up with me.  Although I love the deep conversation, I’m not like that all the time (actually I’m only like that 15% of the time), so someone I can laugh and kick back with is equally important.

5.  Cute:  Bring on the criticism for this one.  I know, I know, looks aren’t everything.  But if I can’t look at my signifcant other and say “You’re so cute”… I don’t know if it will work.  Cute is not just looks, but it’s their personality, the way they treat me, the way they talk, the things they like to do.

I remember thinking I can’t be too picky.  Don’t set so many guidelines or you’ll never find a guy to date.  As time goes on, I’ve realized there’s no reason to not be picky.  If I’m not choosy, I will end up with someone that doesn’t fulfill me, and worst case scenario, I marry that person, we have kids together and we get a divorce.  So what’s wrong with being picky?  What if that means I never get married?  I guess that means I didn’t settle.  I’m confident in who I am and what I have to offer, I know that I am deserving of an outrageously spectacular person.

No grindz in this post!  I’ll post some pics of my latest foodie adventures:

Tonkatsu Heaven

Hank’s Haute Dogs – The Chicago Dog featured on Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives

1/2 Curried Chicken Salad + 1/2 Tempura Mahi Mahi sandy from The Pineapple Room

I do have a new long term goal:  MY 24th birthday is on June 5th and I am determined to lost the last 5 pounds!  I weighed in today at 131.6.    I have essentially 8 weeks to lose 7 pounds.  A pound a week?  Totally doable, but so hard.  I have been struggling with this weight for a while.  Time to buckle down on my eating habits and kick up my workout routines!  I’ll post every Monday night from here until June 5th with updates…


One response to “the hi 5: boys

  1. Thanks for the Salt N Peppa reference, I will have that in my head for the next day! LOL

    It’s funny how tastes change as you get older, I am definitely with you on 2-4, they are essential! And cute, I think they definitely have to be cute to me and I love it when their personality makes them even cuter.

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